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Ballet Dancer

Posted by
Anita (West Nottingham, Pennsylvania, United States) on 11 January 2010 in Plant & Nature.

Continuing the Cyclamen series. I added a textiure and applied various radial blurs, sharpened center. White vignette.


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Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

Definitely a dancing lady...lovely treatment. This is a real success !!

11 Jan 2010 7:31am

Frida from Sweden

Love this in so many ways. A beautiful capture and processed excellently.

11 Jan 2010 8:47am

Tomas Turecek from Czech Republic

Interesting and definitely creative approach resulting in an image that is, unfortunatelly, not pleasing to my eyes, but hurting them :( I don't know what it makes to others but when I look at it my eyes want to cry. I guess that it's because of the sense of motion and my eyes don't know where to focus, except the centre. I didn't mean to offend you or your art in any way. Only wanted to tell what it makes to me.
Beside this the shape of blossom is very interesting and it looks a bit like a ballet dancer, indeed. Very nice colours as well.

11 Jan 2010 10:57am

@Tomas Turecek: Tomas: I'm not offended. It is natural that some images won't be liked by some, and I don't mind knowing that. Plus, not all my postings are of equal quality. I consider this blog a place to experiment. Thanks!

Dawn from Maryland, United States

Wow!!! This is stunning. Perfect in every way.

11 Jan 2010 11:30am

Yvonne from United States

interesting composition, almost looks as the flower has been turned inside out.

11 Jan 2010 1:24pm

Dan Creighton from Pottstown, United States

Hi Anita. On one hand I agree with Thomas above but not to the same extent. I think I agree with him to a certain level because this goes against the simple and truly elegant style that you normally show. But on the other hand, and I'm not trying to be politically correct, I find this very artistic and also refreshing. My eye definitely does go to the center and focuses there for a bit. I think the zoom lines, or psuedo zoom lines, help to force me there. My eyes don't hurt looking at the photo and I find myself thinking it is interesting and a unique take on a flower image. I don't think it would be an image, as a stand alone, that I would hang on the wall as I would other single images of yours. When shown with several images of a more "radical" (for lack of a better term) style it may work very well in that context. I love that you pushed the boundaries here and hope you keep experimenting. The title is perfect by the way.

11 Jan 2010 3:26pm

don from spokane, United States

I like this image for its composition and placement in the frame. Beautiful color too. Well done in my book.

11 Jan 2010 4:29pm

Tracy from La Selva Beach, United States

Keep up the experimenting! I applaud your trying new things, and having the guts to present them to the world! not everything appeals to everyone, so stick with what's in your heart, and you can't go wrong! Great job!

11 Jan 2010 5:10pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

So lovely!!

11 Jan 2010 5:17pm

Gerard Westerduin from Barendrecht, Netherlands

great shot and colors.

11 Jan 2010 8:33pm

Gerard Westerduin from Barendrecht, Netherlands

My compliments for your portfolio.

11 Jan 2010 8:34pm

Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Ok, here's my take....I think it's a pretty cool shot !!!!

12 Jan 2010 2:38am

Marcie from Boston, United States

Extraordinary. Looks like you zoomed in with the lens??? Wonderful effect.

12 Jan 2010 1:09pm

@Marcie: Thanks, Marcie. It was all done in post processing using Radial Blur.

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

Wonderful imagery....

12 Jan 2010 7:42pm

Mary from Exton, United States

I think this is awesome!!! A different approach is always worth going for!

13 Jan 2010 1:26pm

pravin from satara, India

nice photo

20 Jan 2010 5:40am

Jules from Kansas City, United States

Nice use of zoom blur! Very creative, Anita!

24 Jan 2010 2:08pm