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Flipped Trees
11 April 2014

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26 March 2014

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14 May 2011

Recent Comments

Dutchess on Shyly Shinning
Very subtle and the colors of the Tulip are so pretty!!

omid on Shyly Shinning
very nice work! L O V E L Y !

Existence Artistique on Shyly Shinning

Ralf Kesper on Shyly Shinning
Top treatment!

jpla on Shyly Shinning
C'est excellent JP

sherri on Same Tulip, Another View
well, now this one is my favorite i think partly because of the squared-off overall size of the image

B. Thomas on Same Tulip, Another View
I clicked back through all three to say which I like the most, but couldn't decide. I like them all.

B. Thomas on A change of clothes
Beautiful. How did I miss this one?!

Ronnie 2¢ on Same Tulip, Another View
A perfect presentation . . by you and the tulip !

Parviz Falahatkar on Same Tulip, Another View
lovely shot ...!

bruce millen on Same Tulip, Another View
Both excellent. I find this one exelenter.

omid on Same Tulip, Another View
very nice work! A M A Z I N G !

Dutchess on Same Tulip, Another View
A gorgeous matching frame!!

Ralf Kesper on Same Tulip, Another View

fateme@@ on Same Tulip, Another View

Existence Artistique on Same Tulip, Another View
beau traitement

bruce millen on A change of clothes
Beautiful treatment.

Ronnie 2¢ on A change of clothes
I cannot decide which I like the best !

Harry on A change of clothes
simple and lovely

Ralf Kesper on A change of clothes
Wonderful tullip! Happy Valentine!

sherri on A change of clothes
so beautiful. as much as i liked the previous version, i think i like this one better.

omid on A change of clothes
very nice work! Lovely!

Ana Lúcia on A change of clothes
Happy Valentine's Day! A beauty.

Dutchess on A change of clothes
Nice clothes for sure ...

jpla on A change of clothes
Joli rendu JP

sherri on Offering
so pure so elegant

sherri on Simple
it's so stately

yoshimiparis on Simple
Absolutely sublime on a white background

Dutchess on Simple
Simply beautiful ♥

Ronnie 2¢ on Simple
Seems simple . . but so complex within . .

Parviz Falahatkar on Simple
lovely shot ...!

beach on Simple

Ralf Kesper on Simple

B. Thomas on Simple
Beautiful clean simplicity. You brightened my winter day too.

omid on Simple
very nice shot! Lovely!

Dimitrios on Simple

Ronnie 2¢ on Offering
All part of the circle of Life . .

Ana Lúcia on Offering
Splendid! It is a lovely photo.

Harry on Offering
delightful bloom

omid on Offering
L O V E L Y !

B. Thomas on Offering
I have no idea what kind of flower it is, but this is a beautiful shot. As always your processing is spot on.

jpla on Offering
Ta fleur est bien mise en valeur JP

Dutchess on Offering
A very gorgeous Gerbera variant!! I don't know this one. Looks like a Chrysanthemum though ... Lovely image!!!

Parviz Falahatkar on Offering
lovely shot ...!

Ralf Kesper on Offering

Existence Artistique on Offering

yoshimiparis on Translucent
Wonderful as a process

sherri on Translucent
feels so pure a stunning result

Ana Lúcia on Translucent

Ronnie 2¢ on Translucent
So gentle . . and yet so determined, too !

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