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Flipped Trees
11 April 2014

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26 March 2014

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14 May 2011

Recent Comments

omid on Calm
L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!

B. Thomas on Calm
Looks like a beautiful place for a kayaking adventure.

Ana Lúcia on Calm
I can feel the silence in this… beautiful image.

B. Thomas on Ginny's Eyes
She has lovely golden eyes to go with that cute tongue. I would love to meet her.

Ana Lúcia on Queen Anne's Lace
Beautiful flower and nice DOF.

B. Thomas on Queen Anne's Lace
We have them here too. Beautiful shot.

David on Daylily
Great choices here: the green (cooling) accentuates the fire of the red and yellow and the painterly texture unites it ...

Darkelf Photography on Daylily
Glorious artistic beauty indeed! Beautiful interpretation.

Harry on Light & Shadows 3
very evocative

Harry on Eggs
I'm ready for breakfast!

Harry on Daylily
close-up beauty. this season offers so many opportunities to make glorious colors like this.

Ram on Daylily
Cool shot.

B. Thomas on Daylily
We should enjoy the beauty while it lasts. This is a gorgeous image. It just glows on my screen.

Ana Lúcia on Daylily
The colors are phenomenal.

kerrfoa on Daylily
C'est d'une beauté !

Ana Lúcia on Eggs
Nice DOF.

omid on Eggs
A M A Z I N G !

B. Thomas on Eggs
This looks like a decorated Easter egg. Nice shot, and good eating for you.

B. Thomas on Downingtown Facade 3
Good point of view.

Ana Lúcia on Downingtown Facade 3
Fine tones and detail, excellent!

sherri on Downingtown Facade 2
amazing how each window has the slightest detail of difference

B. Thomas on Downingtown Facade 2
Nice graphic image with good color combination of blue and orange.

B. Thomas on Downingtown Facade 1
Beautiful. The blue windows reflecting the clear sky are nice.

Ralf Kesper on Downingtown Facade 1
Very nice window with this shell bow.

Ana Lúcia on Downingtown Facade 1
Love the detail. What a wonderful building.

Ana Lúcia on Pins
Great effect.

B. Thomas on Pins
Some of them look like black pearls. Cool macro.

Ralf Kesper on Pins
Nice idea!

Ana Lúcia on One Step/Day At A Time
Marvelous image.

B. Thomas on One Step/Day At A Time
Nice B&W with a double meaning.

Ana Lúcia on Matches
The green color is so bright and appealing! Very nice macro.

B. Thomas on Matches
Nice macro image.

Jason Kravitz on Matches
Nice glimpse at these colorful classic old matches. Wonder what happens when you don't strike on the box??!! Seems ...

Ralf Kesper on Door
magic effect

B. Thomas on Door
Mysterious image.

Omid on Door
such beautiful frame, lights & shadows! Amazing!

B. Thomas on Bathtub Shadow
Very cool image.

Florence on Bathtub Shadow
Intriguing, creative, imaginative and artistic! Beautiful photographic work!

Michael Rawluk on Bathtub Shadow
I absolutely love this.5*

Michael Skorulski on Dominoes
Colorful and super interesting.

Ana Lúcia on Winter Tree
Looks like painted.

Michael Skorulski on Winter Tree
A super image of this tree against the orange sunlit sky.

Harry on Striped Basket
lovely tones in this close-up shot

B. Thomas on Striped Basket
Fine detail and texture.

Omid on Dominoes
such beautiful frame & graphics! Lovely colors.

Omid on Winter Tree
Amazing & lovely!

Omid on Striped Basket
Lovely graphics & textures.

Michael Skorulski on Striped Basket
A beautiful textural image.

Harry on Winter Tree
lovely colors and shapes

Florence on Winter Tree
Gorgeous picture!

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